PM+® High Performance Cold Patch

PM+®  Cold Patch is premixed, ready to use and will meet or exceed any other pothole patching products on the market, we guarantee it.

Our patching material is manufactured using high-quality aggregate along with special blends of asphalt and additives to maintain superior performance over the life of the patch. Our unique blend of additives promotes adhesion, cohesion, flexibility, and workability, which prevents the customer from continuously having to patch the same damaged area. Another benefit to using our cold patch is that water does not affect it, so patching during or after heavy rains is no problem, no need to remove water prior to patching a pothole, just patch as you normally would compact and you are done. PM+® Cold Patch is DOT Approved and is the preferred choice with many agencies.

Advantages of PM+® Cold Patch

  • DOT Approved and Preferred
  • All Weather All-Season Patching Material 
  • Superior Adhesion and Cohesion 
  • Patch potholes filled with water
  • Pre-mixed Ready to Use 

PM+® Cold Patch Uses

  • Potholes 
  • Edge Ruts 
  • Railroad Crossings 
  • Utility Cuts
  • Level Ups 
  • Bridge Decks
  • Joint Failures 

Material Resources, Inc. offers PM+® Cold Patch in several ways:

  • Individual 50 lb. sealed bags
  • Pallets containing 56 sealed 50lb. bags
  • Tandem and trailer loads (up to 25 tons per load) delivered
  • Bulk orders mixed at your location. (Minimum tonnage required)

Try It Before You Buy It! 

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Bagged mix allows you to make patches quick without calling out crews and equipment.

This is ideal for making quick emergency patches, without all the hassle and the mess. Bagged PM Plus Cold Patch can be carried in pickup trucks at all times making it fast and cost-effective for 1 man to make pothole or utility patches during daily travels. This patching material can be shipped on pallets with 56 bags per pallet. We can deliver any quantity that you may need.

Proper Install

Clean Damaged Area

Place PM+® Cold Patch

Compact! Compact!

50lb. Bag = 3 square feet @ 1.5" depth

For estimating quantity needed please visit our Cold Patch Calculator 

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