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Pavement Preservation Rentals 

When inquiring about rentals don't forget to ask about our full product line. We want to be your one stop shop when it comes to pavement preservation. 

- Crack sealing is usually done every 3-4 years on pavement. What is the potential volume of crack sealing your agency will need to perform to stay ahead on preservation for your pavement network. 
- On average, 1 centerline mile will have 6000 - 8000 linear feet of crack. 
- On average agencies can seal 10,000 - 15,000 linear feet per day.
- Time available per year by road crew to devote to crack sealing.
- In some cases, depending on pavement network size, a majority of their crack sealing can be taken care of by hiring a contractor  with the intial funds needed to purchase all equipment. 

Feel free to give us a call and one of our team members would be glad to discuss the best option for your agency. 

Crack Sealing Information and Data {Link to Crack Seal Page}

Crack Seal Machine (Hot Pour)

Great option for agencies or contractors that have a need to seal joints or cracks periodically throughout the year.  Each rental unit is properly maintained for efficient and safe production. Our machines can be heated and ready to seal in under 1 hr, and start up is done with a flip of one switch.  All equipment rentals come with the training needed to operate equipment safely. More and more agencies, as well as, contractors in the industry are realizing the benefits and overall savings to renting compared to purchasing. 

Seal Coat Equipment 

We carry a full line of sealcoating equipment for agencies and contractors looking to preserve their pavement surfaces. From hand spray units to ride on squeegee/spray units, we will have an option that best suites your needs. 

Seal Coating Information and Data {Link to Seal Coat Page}


Rental Options 

Turn Key Rental - Machine, Prep Equipment, and Product all in one stop.

Equipment Only -  Machine Only, customer supplies material( Material will have to be approved )

All preservation equipment rentals can be rented with an operator, operator will insure safe and correct practice while machine is in use. 

* All rentals are based on availability 

Pug Mill Rentals

We offer dual and single hopper pugmills for agencies or contractors needing to blend materials on site. Our units are equipped with  scales and liquid meters to ensure consistent blends and have a production range up to 500 tons per hour.  Each unit is highly portable and can be set up and running material in 1 hr. 

Rental Options 
Pug Mill - Pug Mill Only customer supplies power source
Pug Mill w/Power - Pug Mill and Power Source all in one.
* Self Contained Radial Stackers can be added to any rental

Pug Mills can be rented with Operator to insure quality controls and safe operation. 


We stand behind our products and services.

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